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About Us

" Co-creating Judeo-Spanish voices with local Sephardic Jews " 

The aim of the London Ladino Project is to reconnect Sephardic Jews living in London with Ladino (Judeo-Spanish), i.e., the language of their ancestors, which nowadays features some 50,000 speakers around the world. By giving the Sephardim in London a chance to acquire the fundamentals about the language of their ancestors (Ladino), they are granted access to a fundamental part of their ethnic background, culture, and religion, plus the possibility to communicate with many other Sephardim around the world through the internet. 

Our Story

After Sephardic Jews were expelled from the Iberian Peninsula at the end of the 15th century, those who settled around the Mediterranean developed Ladino as a lingua franca, yet those who settled in Northern Europe (mostly the UK and the Netherlands) preserved their liturgy but lost their language. Thanks to the London Ladino Project, we can help Sephardim from London acquire basic knowledge and skills apropos the language of their co-religionaries, thus strengthening the global Sephardic diaspora. 

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